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The Semtek Campaign is probably best explained by reading Heather's journal - as of November 12, 2004, this is the most recent session summary.

The main player characters are Ahdosar, a Wizard with a prestige class called "Mage-Smith," Karis, a Barbarian-Bard multiclass character with the Holy Liberator Prestige Class, Thiara, a Ranger-Sorceror multiclass character with the Geomancer Prestige Class, and Karennana, a Druid-Rogue multiclass character with a Prestige Class called "Edgewalker." With the exception of Ahdosar, who is a dwarf, the PCs are all human.

All of the PCs have companions in one form or another. Ahdosar and Thiara have familiars - Kherah (a rockmite lizard) and Che (a winged snake) respectively. Karennana has an animal companion named Hethian (a forest hart). And Karis has an Ork named Kaochun who has sworn to bodyguard him for a year and a day. Karis also used to be accompanied by an awakened border collie named 'Conscience,' after his friends decided he needed an animal companion too.

There will eventually be horse-minis, as everybody in the party except Karennana rides a horse - Renn rides Hethian. However, it is freakishly difficult to find good horse miniatures these days. Thiara also has a panther animal companion (unnamed) because Che was her original animal companion, and then became her familiar when she picked up her first Sorceror level.

Created: November 12, 2004
Last updated: November 13, 2004